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About the Magic

Patricia Hernandez, MBA

Masters in Believing Again

Grow up, but keep believing everything is possible.

Growing up with an entrepreneurial mom made me a creative kid and out-of-the-box thinking adult. I spent my childhood along-side my mom learning how much the little things made the biggest difference. Most importantly, I realized how hard working my mom was and how much help she needed. I wanted to help entrepreneurs like my mom when I grew up.

With my mom in mind and entrepreneurship in my heart, I received my B.S. in Entrepreneurial Management and Commercial Spanish from DePaul University, continuing at DePaul for my MBA in Marketing and Finance. I am thankful for a career of assisting with business growth and development. 

Most people start as kids believing everything is possible. As adults, we lose that belief that if we dream it we can create it. I am here to help you believe again. If you can dream it, I will help you make it happen.

Print Magic is More Than Print

The Magic Behind the Unicorn

I loved unicorns growing up.  As kids we believe the impossible, we use our innocence and imagination to discover new things to create magic. The unicorn has always been a reminder that magic still exists. As adults, we can still make magic happen. Sometimes we need a little help believing in our imagination again.

My passion is to inspire hardworking individuals and businesses to find what makes them unique and help them stand out from the competition. My gifts are showcasing your magic through marketing, graphic design, and print.

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